On sea pilgrimage with saints
We had finally settled on a date to go, three friends, three wandering souls, for three days. Those three important details were settled, finalised, agreed. Where we were going or how we were getting there on the otherhand, were details yet to be determined let alone finalized.
What we unanimously felt, Paula, Emma and I was that the ‘Why’ of our journey was the single most important factor, how was beyond our capability at the time for reasons we weren’t even fully aware of.
We wanted to go on a pilgrimage, a holy journey, a sacred adventure like saints of old. It was I feel, a reflection of ourselves and where we were in our lives at the time that our planning was, not so much chaotic even that would have been something, but completely conspicuos in it’s absense. What was very much present on the other hand was a strong sense that none of that mattered. We had decided that ‘We were going on a journey!’ and that was all the planning we needed.

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