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Experience the Celtic heartlands wild and remote Northwest like never before. Gain a unique insight into a hidden realm of Myth and magic that has inspired so many warrior poets through the centuries. Learn the legends and stories of the Gods and fighting men of the ancient Celts passed down through the generations.

Ireland and Scotland, the mightiest of the Celtic nations, home to the Highlanders, Scotch and Irish whiskey the haunting airs of the pipes, myth, legend and romance. Unconquered by Rome, the highlands of Scotland and remote island of Ireland have retained a unique and ancient culture, language and tradition known and loved the world over.

The island of Iona in Scotland founded by St.Columba from Ireland one of the most famous Christian monasteries and hermitages in western Christendom or beyond. Known as the University of the west and famed as a haven of peace and learning. It was here over 1500 years ago that European civilization survived the dark ages in no small part thanks to the magic elixir being distilled by the monks.

Whiskey! Some of the finest and certainly the oldest whiskies in the world are distilled in the remote and wild corners of these islands.

Scotland the brave, home of the Highlanders, kilt wielding warriors of otherworldly courage. William Wallace, Stirling castle and sweeping romantic tales of wild kings, Giants and of course… the bloody English.

It is an exciting time indeed to visit Ireland as the Wild Atlantic Way opens up the rugged west coast to visitors. Alongside a well established brewing and distilling tradition is a fast growing culinary trail that follows the Atlantic coast. With access to some of the finest and freshest produce in all of Europe, the Irish food trail is quickly gaining a reputation for unrivaled quality and excellence. The rapid development of culinary excellence along the Wild Atlantic Way truly is a hidden highlight of any trip to Ireland. Combine this with the steadfast scottish highland tradition of boiling everything in a sheep’s stomach and you have a recipe for… well you have a recipe anyway!

The Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland is fast gaining ground on its Celtic neighbour as an adventure and outdoor pursuits destination.  There are dozens of walking and hiking trails to choose from of varying difficulty. From riverside forest strolls to highland passes  accessible throughout the summer months. Add to all this SHANKEE’s unique style and approach, family tradition of storytelling and myth-making and it is easy to see a recipe for an amazing and fun filled experience for any visitor to the Celtic northwest of Europe.

Join Shanakee for an unforgettable experience and delve into the mystery. See this ancient landscape come to life through the lens of local folklore.

Be inspired, forge your own tale to tell.

The dews drop slowly and dreams gather: unknown spears
Suddenly hurtle before my dream-awakened eyes,
And then the clash of fallen horsemen and the cries
Of unknown perishing armies beat about my ears.
We who still labour by the cromlec on the shore,
The grey cairn on the hill, when day sinks drowned in dew,
Being weary of the world’s empires, bow down to you
Master of the still stars and of the flaming door.
W.B. Yeats

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PricingPer Person Sharing, Single Person Supplement
  • Off the beaten track adventure
  • Services of highly trained tour guide
  • 12 FULL days on tour
  • 11 nights accommodation
  • 12 Full breakfasts
  • Fantastic guided walks
  • Most entrance fees
  • On the bog whiskey tasters
  • Good times and great memories


  • Be immersed in the stories that bring Ireland’s past to life
  • Visit the big name and micro distilleries and breweries
  • Enjoy great traditional seafood on the Wild Atlantic Way
  • Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh
  • The world’s finest Whiskey at the world’s oldest distilleries
  • Castles, lots of castles.

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